Environment Commitment


We, at F.tech Philippines Mfg., Inc., engaged in the manufacture of Plastic, Motorcycle, Aluminum Die Castand Suspension parts:  Assembly of Suspension, Pedal and Subframe parts; Electro-Deposition Painting services; and Fabrication of Dies and Tooling  jigs; guided by our company’s philosophy, believe that Productive and Quality committed associates are our most valuable assets.

Through the implementation of an effective quality and environmental management system, we shall:

Fulfill the different legal requirements, relevant environmental legislations, and other requirements to which FPMI subscribe to;

Protect the environment from pollution and degradation by means of resource optimization, waste minimization, cleaner production, and being zero accident workplace,

Measure, monitor, and review our quality and environmental performances for continual improvement and zerodefects outflow, and

Instill QMS and EMS awareness to our associates and other interested parties thru training’s, learning sessions, or forums, where applicable.

Through everybody’s commitment in establishing and implementing quality and environmental objectives and targets, we will attain our vision ” To be a company that can give satisfaction to everyone becoming the real  No. 1 Global Pedal Manufacturer thru strengthening our pedal business even further which is our exclusive universal business and also to be Asia’s No. 1 Motorcycle Parts Maker. We will continuously strive to exceed customer expectations adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility.