Quality Assurance System

“Quality is conformance to standard”

With this concept embedded in FPMI philosophy, our Quality Control Department process the necessary test, measurements and product control procedures that assure strict conformance to product standards and


  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) automatically measures the part in 3D using a software
    capable for providing reports and illustrations of the measured product.
  • Lay-out Machine for measuring a product manually in 3D.
  • Height Gages use for linear measurement.
  • Spring Assist Tester for measuring clutch pedal’s turn-over.


  • Macro Testing for measuring weld penetration through the use of measuring software and CCD
    Camera microscope.
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM) for destruction of parts which requires measurable strength.
  • Pedal Endurance Machine use for knowing the products’ durability after it was repeatedly actuated in
    a required number of strokes.
  • Hardness Testing Machine for measuring material hardness of die.

Product Testing

  • Process Quality Control Table (PQCT) carefully developed by QC engineers for providing parts control
    items for each production processes wherein the basis are customers’ product drawing,
    specifications and standards.

Quality Assurance Machine for Pedal Assy Brake


Quality Assurance Machine for Pedal Assy Clutch


Paint Quality Assurance